IBAS Associates are clinicians who are either involved with research/education within their clinical role or are interested in doing so in the future.

Dr Adnan AnsarIBAS Associate
Dr Naomi AtkinsRespiratory and Sleep Consultant
Dr Hayley BarnesRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Danny BrazzaleSenior Scientist,Respiratory Laboratory (Austin Health)
Dr Matthew CampbellHead of Ear, Nose, Throat, Neck & Head Surgery (Austin Health)
Dr Anastasia CastlesIBAS Associate
Dr Ksenia ChamulaHonorary Clinical Research Fellow
Caroline ChaoPhysiotherapist VRSS and TRAMS
Thomas ChurchwardSenior Scientist, Sleep Laboratory (Austin Health)
Simon ContiClinical Nurse Consultant, VRSS
Chelsea CorneliusBiomedical Engineer
Dr Bassem DawoodRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Ann DistefanoHIP Intake & Fast track Care Manager (PAC) Respiratory Nurse
Dr Leona Dowman (nee Knapman)PhD Candidate
Anne DuncanOutreach Coordinator
Gavin FaheyRespiratory Clinical
Dr Chuan FooClinician
Dr Andrew GikasDentist
Russell GilmourClinical Nurse Consultant
Dr Amanda GriffithsPaediatric Respiratory & Sleep Physician
Garun HamiltonAssociate
Dr Amie HayleyPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Melanie HolmesOccupational Therapist, Victorian Respiratory Support Services
Rodney HoneSleep Scientist
Dr Murad IbrahimIBAS Associate
Dr Vishnu JeganathanRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Dr Yet Hong KhorIBAS Associate
Dr Joy LeeConsultant Allergy and Respiratory Physician
Dr Tracy LeongRespiratory & Sleep Consultant
Jasun LiIBAS Associate
Pam LiakakosRespiratory Scientist
Dr Liang Wooi (Melvin) LimPast DRSM Registrar (2012)
Dr Steven LindstromAdvanced Trainee in Respiratory, Sleep and Intensive Care Medicine
Dr Ling LuoHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Raymond MariasoosaiRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Kate MeyerPsychologist
Chris Michael-LovattIBAS Associate
Joshua MilesSleep Scientist
Suzana MiseskiSleep Scientist
Dr Rosemary MooreIBAS Associate
Dr Alexandra MurphyIBAS Associate
Dr Sanjeevan MuruganandanDRSM Registrar
Mohamed NazeemSleep Lab Scientist
Dr Yvonne NgRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Jessica PattiSleep Scientist
Dr Jennifer PerretPost Doctoral Fellow
Linda RautelaPhysiotherapist, Victorian Respiratory Support Service
Dr Anna RidgersRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Registrar
Adam RosselySleep Scientist
Dr Warren RuehlandScientist
Dr Joy ShaRespiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician
Vahid SharifiIBAS Associate
Kyle SmartTechnical Support Specialist
Emma SorensenSleep Scientist
Bronwyn StevensSleep Scientist (Clinical and Research)
Wendy StevensonClinical Nurse Consultant, Allergy Services
Yingli SuMs Yingli Su
Duncan SweeneyIBAS Associate
Dr Jibin ThomasRespiratory and Sleep Consultant
Pavlina TomanSleep Scientist
Bilyana TrenevskaSleep Scientist
Nicole Uys (Salter)Sleep Scientist
Dr Peter WallbridgeIBAS Associate
Dr James WardRespiratory and Sleep Consultant
Danielle WilsonResearch Assistant
Dr Raymond (Wai Mun) WongHouse Medical Officer (HMO)
Raelene XerriNurse Unit Manager (Ward 5 West)


Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a chronic lung condition that causes stiff lungs and restricts sufferers from taking a deep breath. Exercise in a gym, or swimming, walking or riding a bike, can help...


Interested to participate in a study investigating the effect of fatigue on driving performance?

Notch monitoring in sleepNOTCH MONITORING IN SLEEP

Sleep apnea is a condition where breathing is abnormal during sleep. There are two main forms of sleep apnea: obstructive and central. For obstructive sleep apnea, breathing is reduced because the airway...

Dept of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine and IBAS WinnersDEPT OF RESPIRATORY & SLEEP MEDICINE AND IBAS WINNERS

Members of the DRSM and IBAS were well-represented in the medals and prizes awarded by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science (ANZSRS).


Prof Anne Holland's research on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is featured as one of the 10 best research topics in the NHMRC publication, Tracker.

Good sleep more essential than ever during COVID-19GOOD SLEEP MORE ESSENTIAL THAN EVER DURING COVID-19

This Sleep Awareness Week, Austin Health's sleep experts remind us all that sleep is integral to good health, particularly at times when we're under stress.

Prof David Berlowitz receives over 7 million in grantsPROF DAVID BERLOWITZ RECEIVES OVER 7 MILLION IN GRANTS

University of Melbourne Chair of Physiotherapy at Austin Health, Professor David Berlowitz has had quite a memorable week.

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