Austin Health
IBAS is located on the grounds of the Austin Hospital and enjoys a mutually supportive and beneficial relationship with Austin Health.
Austin Health Department of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
IBAS grew out of and is integrally connected with the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Austin Health.   Much of IBAS' research takes place within the department and many IBAS Personnel are departmental staff.
Other Austin Health Departments
IBAS also has growing connections with other Austin Health Departments, including Physiotherapy, Cardiology and the Intensive Care Unit.
Austin Health Department of Nephrology
IBAS acts as the administering institution for research grants held by Professor David Power’s Nephrology research group.
Austin LifeSciences
Austin LifeSciences aims to coordinate and promote research conducted at Austin Health. IBAS is one of the many Institutes that are involved in its development.
Australasian Sleep Trials Network (ASTN)
The Australiasian Sleep Trials Network is an inclusive consortium which aims to facilitate sleep researchers conduct multicentre clinical trials. Professor Robert Pierce was a founding member and Dr Maree Barnes currently is a member of the ASTN Research Committee.

The University of Melbourne
IBAS is recognised by the University of Melbourne as an affiliated institute, with cooperative efforts towards research and teaching.

Other Universities
IBAS has links with other tertiary education institutions including RMIT University, Monash University, Victoria University, Swinburne University of Technology and LaTrobe University.

Many IBAS Fellows are also Fellows of the Universities listed above.




Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a chronic lung condition that causes stiff lungs and restricts sufferers from taking a deep breath. Exercise in a gym, such as walking or riding a bike, can help make...

Notch monitoring in sleepNOTCH MONITORING IN SLEEP

Sleep apnea is a condition where breathing is abnormal during sleep. There are two main forms of sleep apnea: obstructive and central. For obstructive sleep apnea, breathing is reduced because the airway...

Good sleep more essential than ever during COVID-19GOOD SLEEP MORE ESSENTIAL THAN EVER DURING COVID-19

This Sleep Awareness Week, Austin Health's sleep experts remind us all that sleep is integral to good health, particularly at times when we're under stress.

Professor David Berlowitz receives over 7 million in grantsPROFESSOR DAVID BERLOWITZ RECEIVES OVER 7 MILLION IN GRANTS

University of Melbourne Chair of Physiotherapy at Austin Health, Professor David Berlowitz has had quite a memorable week.

Finally, after much demand, IBAS is now on Twitter!FINALLY, AFTER MUCH DEMAND, IBAS IS NOW ON TWITTER!

Many have asked, when will IBAS be on Twitter. We are happy to announce that IBAS is finally there!

Do you have Spinal cord injury? Tired?  Get treated!DO YOU HAVE SPINAL CORD INJURY? TIRED? GET TREATED!

Melbourne researchers have found that 80 percent of people with quadriplegic spinal injuries have sleep apnoea. It's having a big effect on their lives but they don't know they have it, and they don't know it can be treated.

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